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About Us

Folk Camp Germany offers a holiday for all age groups and nationalities where everybody is encouraged to participate in or to enjoy traditional music, song and dance. The music and dance repertoire is mainly English but other traditions are welcome. Participation is an elementary part of Folk Camp. Campers that have any special interests or hobbies are encouraged to share that knowledge.

The idea has been imported from The Folk Camp Society in England. The first German Folk Camp was held near Bremen in 1980. In 1989 the Verein (society) Folk Camp Germany e.V. was founded, and this is now responsible for the organization of the camp. All campers are involved in the daily running of the camp and each camper has a camp duty!

The staff (leader, musician, caterer and warden) are unpaid volunteers, they cannot, and do not want to do everything themselves, everyone must help. Either you choose a small daily duty (for example, clearing away the rubbish), or you help on one day cooking and serving meals under the supervision of the caterer. It is necessary that all campers (young and old) take on a small job in order to ensure the smooth running of the camp.

Tents can be pitched in the grounds of Schloss Zeilitzheim. Those who prefer to live more comfortably can rent a room in the Schloss or a room or a holiday flat in the village. Camper vans can not be parked in the castle grounds, however there are other sites within the village available.

On a typical day, after breakfast, there's a music workshop, followed by a dance workshop and any other activities you or somebody else offers to organize. Campers are encouraged to introduce something new. The afternoons are free for your own enjoyment, you may decide to explore the surrounding area, visit the swimming pool or arrange something with other campers. It's up to you. In the evening there is a ceilidh. The band Leader is the camp musician, any campers who wish to play in the band are welcome.


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